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Por favor, se puder dizer onde você conseguiu seu projeto compartilha comigo, ok? The benefits are staggering. To all at Balloon Juice, a very Merry Christmas, however or whyever you celebrate or not.

Dec 25,  · Good morning to all, Happy Christmas Eve! My only major to-do is getting fresh bread from Whole Foods at and then to pick up some European party crackers and some chocolat coins for someone’s stocking, and can then wrap the remaining presents.
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Our selection includes the following cute bikini and one piece swimsuit categories, and more! Women's Swimwear by ZAFUL: String Bikini: The itsy bitsy string bikini is a staple piece for any beach-goer, and the reigning classic of the modern swimsuit fashion era.
The bathing suit fit nicely and was made of good material.
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Our selection includes the following cute bikini and one piece swimsuit categories, and more! Women's Swimwear by ZAFUL: String Bikini: The itsy bitsy string bikini is a staple piece for any beach-goer, and the reigning classic of the modern swimsuit fashion era.

About 5 years ago I spent an hour observing and photographing a dozen of them literally frolicking in the cold water. All this feet from my back door.

Not a Twitter person by any stretch of the vastest imagination. That said, came across this one from the Philadelphia police earlier in the month, within a short report. Has got to be a contender for best of the holiday season. A cow is loose. I have 2 very memorable Christmas stories on opposite ends of the happiness and joy spectrum.

The bad I was working at a small radio station in Northern MN. The station owner was an abusive crook,almost all of my paychecks bounced the first time through the bank. I was working 10 hours across 11 hour days 6 days a week.

When I got home from work Christmas night I was able to make some sourdough bread. That was my Christmas feast. That was not a merry xmas. That Middle English will take me back to college!

The family had been out of work for months and broke. WIthout prompting my kids shared their presents though to be honest not their most coveted ones. There was plenty of food and a good time was had by all.

That was a merry xmas. I am not in a Christmas mood this year. I really hate the holidays any more. I put the tree up because John insisted but it only has lights because I refuse to pull out all the decorations only to have to put them back two weeks later.

Too much work with almost no ROI. I have very little interest in Game of Thrones and the fantasy and violence it portrays. But I do feel I have missed a big cultural icon because of my disdain for it. So I noticed, while perusing the upcoming tv listings, that HBO 2 is showing the entire series this week. So set it it to record and I plan to binge it over this last week off.

I may make it through or I may erase it all in disgust. Nice to see the bald eagles. I drive past a protected eagles nest on my commute, so I see them semi-regularly.

I had one fly several feet directly over me in my driveway, so close I could feel his downbeat. Woe be to the person who says Merry Xmas. I have noticed that there is a little bit of one-ups-man-ship going on too. We give her some money and leave it at that. When our daughter does Thanksgiving I suffer this exact fate.

The appetizers are so many and varied and can make a meal all by themselves…. I recreated a dish from my childhood and got it just right. It has detailed instructions and authentic recipes and no twee anecdotes. Many years ago my late wife and I decided that Xmas was too complicated with blended family, many pulls in different directions shit. We started having Xmas the weekend before in order to de-complicate things.

So my Xmas day for many years involves taking down the tree and removing all traces of the holiday. I reluctantly started watching GOT earlier this year and ended up liking it quite a lot. You might be surprised. This year they bought the kids each a laptop, a pair of those very expensive headphones and lard only knows what else.

There is no way we intend to compete, that way ends in madness. Although not fully out of The Incredible Mr. Thanks for the link. My Christmas miracles this year: Every member of the hospital staff was excellent, but still. I needed to be home, and now I am. Most of these twee blogger recipes are not reliable, their instructions are incomplete.

However, she lost her 27 year old son who was married with a daughter, to a heart arrhythmia in March of this year, so I am pained for her.

Also, when an African American family loses a younger male, the presumption seems to always be that it was violent. Trump was making his I went poopy face on Friday.

That is where the investigation should begin. A Ghost to Not: Every winter we get a bald eagle down on Indian creek. A couple years ago after crossing the creek I was driving on Hwy A and saw a large bird in the road. I slowed down and it took off just before I was on it, flying along the road in the oncoming traffic lane. I pulled up along side of it and found myself eyeball to eyeball with a young eagle. We did that for a couple hundred feet or so until he went up a power line cut. About 15 years ago, my clueless mother-in-law was searching for a gift for her son and had a brilliant idea: Said BiL went nuts.

One of the great moments in our Christmas tradition. The shampoo has been regifted a few times. Oh thank you for asking: And an old kitchen ell in back. A barn garage in back will hold paddle boards, kayak and collection of old steel bikes. I hope to offer a bedroom or two for visiting birders and other ecotourists. The region is not without its challenges — unemployment, rural poverty, teafolk.

One excellent bakery and a cozy, shabby coffee house with generous- hearted proprietesses are liberal spots in a rather red rural area. However, port towns, even small ones, tend to be eclectic, even in the South ….

Hope to get a least one of the 5 or is it 6? The quiet moment before the storm: Here in Austria, the presents are given and opened on Christmas Eve, and not next morning.

It still amazes me how fast they discharge people anymore. Hope your recovery is speedy. Glad to see you back and glad everything went well. Wishing you a restful holiday. Baked all the cookies yesterday. Bread today but first I have to go to the supermarket. Glad you are home for the holiday.

Wishing you a very speedy recovery. I am so jealous. It sounds wonderful, and it might be appropriate to send Anne a few pics. We broke down and started watching GoT a while ago.

On season 3 or 4 now, I think. The older I get, the more I detest this celebration of materialism and consumerism. Your house sounds fantastic. Wishing you many years of enjoyment. I am relishing these days when it is cold in the house. Even more reason to lie in bed. However, there is much to do! Spawn the Elder and I braved the big posh mall yesterday.

I got a nice bonus at work, so I bought the rest of the chairs for my new dining room set. We had been eating off of the table I bought when I moved into my first apartment, along with a bunch of rando chairs. Now I have all the chairs! How awful for her! Losing a child is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a person.

And if people make assumptions about the circumstances, that can only add to the pain. Good to see you here. Been wondering where you were. An actual dining room table? Hope things are looking up.

Seriously, members of my family always take home a plate or fill some plastic containers after every holiday meal. But I will co-sign.

As a kid, I often got sick around Christmas. We really should come up with something better to do to celebrate the Saturnalia. My favorite Xmas was spent in the small mountain village of Aquismon deep in the Sierra Gorda in Mexico.

When the music first started there was one lonely Mexican cringe dog sitting in the middle of the dance floor watching. We did a lot of drinking and eating after that and I mostly just people watched until a brawl broke out that at one point seemed to involve everyone in attendance except us gringos. An hour later the roosters started crowing and by 6 I gave up and got up and made coffee. Yesterday ice from the sky, changing to rain that froze as it hit.

Alain, I found myself thinking of you and your mom when I came out from under the anaesthesia on Thursday. You helped me — a lot. All of you helped me, and I want to thank every one of you, both individually and at the pack level. Hope you can feel it. Waiting years for a proper dining room makes it truly a moment to savor. Enjoy your feasts, large and small! For me, Christmas is often a first world problem. We all have so much stuff.

We are incredibly lucky. So we have trouble deciding what to give others for presents. We want to see our loved ones, but we all stressed out and crabby. Something has gone wrong. Too many of us have been painfully reminded of the fragility of health and life. Treasure the good times.

Fingers crossed for an excellent Thinking of you, Alain. Wishing you a peaceful holiday and some joy amidst the tears when you think of your mom. Yes, my brother has two kids from his previous marriage, but they all lived together since the kids were in elementary school. He was her only child. The morning he died he told his wife he was stopping at the urgent care because he felt a little funny.

He had died before he left their house. In terms of tradition, my dad has always been an atheist. After my mom died, he felt obligated to get a tree. Someone suggested a Festivus pole, but my dad felt that was a little snarky. But he liked the idea itself, so he bought a ten- or twelve-foot PVC pole, painted it green, and wrapped it in festive lights.

I have just been absolutely insanely busy for the last six weeks with deadlines and family obligations, etc. Just doddering around my house in my slippers.

Spawn the Elder seems to be on the upswing. Prozac seems to be working for her. She voluntarily went to the mall on the Saturday before Christmas, which is a big thing—she gets anxious with loudness and chaos—so I was impressed. Well, looking out the window at a beautiful soft snowfall. Looks like we will have a white Christmas in the NW Chicago suburbs after all.

The two of us, he and his wife, their two sons first Christmas for one of them and her sister and two nieces will be there. The theme this year is Italian. Snow will have stopped by the time we drive so all is good.

Traditional food and singing, through the afternoon and evening. The high today is 78 F. All of my sympathy. What a terrible blow. Happy for you all. Looking forward to laughter and duck with all the trimmings. And then it will be over for another year, thank dog. We also had ice and sleet yesterday.

I envy your warm temperatures. Next week we have high in teens and lows in negative digits. Tomorrow I thought we were going to be hermits, but it turns out one of the kids is coming over with hubby.

Took a walk and had a late lunch at a small local restaurant. A nice looking young woman came in, walked over to me, moved the chair next to me where I had parked some Christmas gifts, and seemed to try to open the wall. I just looked at her and said nothing Then she walked unsteadily to the bathroom. When she came out, she wobbled over to a couple who were eating and sat down on a chair next to them, pulling out a smartphone. The owner of the restaurant came over to her and asked her to leave, but she just sat, stupefied.

Finally, she got up and stumbled out of the restaurant. Later, I took a bus for a short hop to a store to pick up a few more items. I noticed that the front seats were filled with homeless people. The driver was being kind, just letting them ride the length of the route, warm and comfy. Because many other folk had the day off, the bus was otherwise pretty empty.

There was something peaceful in the sight of homeless people, relaxing, some sleeping, bundled near each other.

This comes under the Christmas toys-for-paranoids category. Via google news, interesting new open source project for the deeply paranoid, led by Edward Snowden, taking advantage of the fact that even cheap Android phones are rich open sensor platforms. Note the article linked below includes useful links. Fun stuff, and something else to consider even for those who are already using other sensors e. They have slim pants online that are not available in the stores, but you can still return them to stores.

My daughter is now 12 and average to short in height. So she needs a size 12 in length, but more like a size 8 for the waist!

So shopping for pants, shorts, swimsuits for her are a nightmare. Try udtfashion This is my favorite go to website and if you are lucky enough to visit their stores they have an even bigger and awesome selection of dresses and separates.

Their sale racks if you have budget constraints have amazing bargains and they will send you pictures if you contact them. They have become my two daughters favorite clothing and it makes me happy to support a company that makes all their clothes in the USA.

This is a nice blog and These type of cloths are perfect for summer. I also know one website for these type of dresses. You can go to FoxyBeauty Store for affordable clothing for women.

This is an interesting list. I wonder if there are geographic differences. And for being more spendy in athletic clothing, there is, iviva. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What are the low-end brands? J crew and gap are way over my budget. Boom try adding lovable bed sets and pillows. By submitting this form, you are granting: You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email.

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